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About LiveBeyond Counseling

LiveBeyond Counseling & Coaching, LLC is a Texas-based Marriage Counseling Clinic. Professional Therapists at LBCC are committed to serving Teens, Adults, and Couples seeking counseling services. We are located in Keller / Fort Worth, Texas and see clients in person at our office at 9500 Ray White Rd, Suite 200, Fort Worth, TX 76244 as well as through online counseling.

Marriage Counseling / Marriage Therapy - Keller / Fort Worth

Marriage Counseling is for married or unmarried couples who are seeking to improve their relationship by improving communication, coping skills, understanding of one another, and the time that they put into their relationship. Marriage Counseling has been shown to decrease rates of divorce and improve quality of life for families.

Our Therapists see clients every week who were on the verge of separation or divorce who have now decided to try to improve their relationship in order to stay together.

Teen Counseling / Teen Therapy - Keller / Fort Worth

Teens are experiencing a time like never before. With concerns regarding school, grades, peer pressures, work stress, as well as social media and the impact of everything being so public nowadays, teens are under tremendous pressure to perform.

In recent years, we have seen increases in teen/adolescent suicide, cutting, teenage pregnancy, and many other factors. We at LBCC promise to come alongside your teen and you as the parent, ensuring that open lines of communication are created as well as plans to improve behavior, emotional struggles, and overall relationship functioning.

Anxiety / Depression Therapy - Keller / Fort Worth

There have been rises in adults and teens suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression related struggles in recent years. Anxiety and Depression counseling is aimed at meeting clients where they are emotionally, then helping the client to find within themselves the tools and skills to improve their mental health wellbeing.

Our Anxiety and depression Therapists work diligently alongside our clients to seek out the causes of their difficulty as well as ways to improve their state of mind and behavior. We help our clients find joy and happiness, to de-stress and relax. To look for the good in every situation.

Online Counseling / Teletherapy - Texas

LiveBeyond Counseling recently began to offer Online counseling as a result of Covid-19 related concerns. What we have realized during this time, however, is that so many of our clients love it. The ease of use of our secure video system coupled with the ability to see their therapist from the comfort and convenience of their home has been life changing for some of our clients.

Online Counseling or Teletherapy is a secure way to meet with a professional counselor even if you are out of town or living in a place in Texas where counseling services are lacking. We offer Online Counseling and Teletherapy services to clients throughout the state of Texas.

Christian Counseling - Keller / Fort Worth

LiveBeyond Counseling is committed to providing high-quality, effective Christian Counseling services for those in the Fort Worth, Texas area.Our culture is becoming increasing hostile towards Followers of Jesus. Sadly, many therapists are also a part of the push towards open rebellion to God and principles of morality. We at LiveBeyond maintain our morals, our faith, and our commitment to providing excellent counseling services.

Christian Counseling Services Are For You If:

You are struggling emotionally and often feel disconnected from your rightful place as a Son or Daughter and Heir.

You are failing to honor your husband or wife and want to make things right with your spouse and God by taking steps to improve your marriage and truly become one.

You have a Teen who is making choices that defy your authority as parent, God’s direction, and you fear they will continue down a path of destruction.

Your Depressive thoughts are keeping you awake.

Anxiety keeps you from truly enjoying life.

You are struggling to hear God’s voice and make good decisions in a critical area of your life.

Whatever brought you here, we know how important it is that your therapy services are grounded in God’s Word and consistent with your beliefs.

Our counselors provide counseling that is grounded in biblical truth to Couples, Individuals with Anxiety or Depression related concerns, and Teens that are seeking a Christian perspective in their counseling.

Since all truth is God’s truth, the evidence based-counseling methods we use at LiveBeyond Counseling fit perfectly with what Scripture teaches us about who God is and who we are. In your counseling sessions you will have a safe space to discuss the struggles and difficulties you are facing and receive services that align with your beliefs, morals, and worldview.

The degree to which your sessions involve biblical perspective will depend on where you or your family members are in your spiritual development. This is something you can discuss with your therapist to make sure that the services you receive are best suited for you.

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Beautiful Places For Vacationing In Fort Worth, Texas 76244

Fort Worth Texas, known as the city of Dallas, is a beautiful place for a vacation or business trip. Fort Worth has lots to offer to visitors of all ages. It is a true tourist destination in the middle of Texas, surrounded by wide open spaces and spectacular landscapes. Here are some fun things to do while you're on vacation in Fort Worth:

If you want to see something incredible, one of the top things you should do while in fort worth is to head to the National Objectivity Center. The main attraction of this center is the Objectivity Visitor Center, which houses several exhibits about the life of maharajas, kings, visionaries, negotiators, scientists, and explorers. There are also several cultural exhibits featuring works of art from various time periods. At night, the center stage hosts performances by area dancers and bands, as well as live music. You can also participate in guided tours of historic buildings throughout the city.

For those who have educational programs that need to be visited while in the area, there are a lot of places to go in Fort Worth. One of the best educational programs, you should see is the John D. MacArthur State Historic Site. This site covers four different historical areas that were affected by the civil war in Texas. Some of these areas include Fortworth, Waco, Avila and Wurfette. There are a number of museums and educational programs to explore here, including the John D. MacArthur Post Historic Site, Waco Exhibits, and Avila Historical Society.

If you are more interested in having a romantic weekend getaway, then there are a number of places where you can do so. You can try out one of the many spas in Fort Worth. If you are looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating break, then you should try out the Fort Worth Spa. Here, you will get to enjoy a number of different treatments, including facials, manicures, massages, and electrolysis. These services are offered for a low cost, and if you go during off-season, you will even get discounts. For more information, contact the Fort Worth spa.

Of course, if you want a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, there are a number of fun places where you and your loved ones can go on your holidays. One of the best places for entertainment and relaxation is the Fort Worth parks and beaches. Fort Worth has some of the most scenic and serene beaches in the state. There are a number of tourist attractions here like the Sea World, which features a variety of shows and attractions for kids and adults alike. For a quieter weekend, you can go for hiking, camping, or fishing at one of the parks in Fort Worth.

Another option for a fun vacation spot is to check out the different attractions in the city. If you love the Fort Worth Stockyards, you should check it out during your vacation. The Fort Worth Stockyards offers day trips to several other interesting places in Fort Worth. To get to these places, all you have to do is take a ride on the Market Streetcar. You will be able to witness the sights and sounds of this famous thoroughfare.

Primary Tourist Destinations In Fort Worth, Texas 76244

Fort Worth, Texas, is a central Texas city bordered on two sides by the Texas gulf coast. Located just 32 miles southwest of Dallas, Fort Worth is frequently overshadowed by its larger sister city, but it is also rich in historical attractions. Though named Cowtown for its long history in the cattle farming industry, Fort Worth has a diverse and rich cultural history. Here are some of the most notable landmarks of Fort Worth, Texas.

A trip to Fort Worth will reveal the rich history of this small town. A trip to the western limits of Fort Worth offers views of the Gulf of Mexico as well as the shores of the Texas coast. In addition to the coastal and intercoastal views, Fort W. also offers a glimpse into history through the Museum of Texas History, The Fort Worth Museum of Art, The Hobby Lobby Museum, and the Bobcat Island National Seashore. Beyond these primary attractions, Fort Worth prides itself on the rich history of the area, as well as a world-class destination for tourists. World renowned for horseback riding, rodeo, and the annual Red River Riding Festival, Fort Worth offers many activities for tourists and locals alike.

One of the best known and most loved landmarks in downtown Fort Worth, is the Six Flags Over Fort Worth. This amusement park features five theme parks including Bayton Park, Brandywine Bay, Breeze Bay, and Silverton Park. The park features a number of rides and games, along with shops and gift shops that help make it an attractive place to visit, even during the winter months.

In addition to Six Flags Over Fort Worth, another well-known attraction in downtown Fort Worth is the Schlickerbend Picnic Area, which is located on the north side of Hwy 24 east of downtown Fort Worth. Situated under a large gazebo, the picnic area offers free parking, pavilions, grills, and a concession stand. Another unique structure in downtown Fort Worth, The Schuyler House sits on Hwy 24 west between Riverside and Belmont. Built in the late 1800's, the house offers visitors the chance to step back in time, as the home is recreated to look like what would have been seen by European visitors. The house offers a number of different tours, including a railway station, an old library, and a stagecoach stop, just to name a few of the numerous stops available to visitors.

Not to be forgotten is the Forest Hill Cemetery, which is only a few blocks from downtown Fort Worth. A short walk from the trail to the cemetery, visitors can find a number of plots, with each plot offering beautiful grave markers. Among the many notable figures buried in Forest Hill, include civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, as well as former Fort Worth mayor, Frank Koch. Also buried in the burial ground are prominent figures such as former President William Alexander and former Judge Sam Snead.

In terms of nightlife, downtown Fort Worth (Texas), offers a number of popular bars and clubs. Two popular locations are the Six Flags Fort Worth Park and the New World Cafe. Six Flags Fort Worth Park offers amusement parks, boat rides, as well as concerts and family activities throughout the year.

 Things To Know About Fort Worth, Texas 76244

Fort Worth Texas is located on the banks of the Trans-Texas railroad line, which runs through south central Texas and into Mexico. It is the fifth largest city in Texas, and is the second largest steel producer in the U.S. It is situated in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Area, which is among the most populated areas in the nation. It is known as one of the oil refineries in the world because it is located on the edge of the Perimeno Creek, which is one of the largest creeks in the country. The creek supports a number of industries including shipping, petrochemical, electrical power, drilling, and manufacturing.

The third largest city in Texas, Fort Worth, has been built around the charming downtown area. The nineteenth century saw improvements in railroads that led to development of major thoroughfares and major towns like Downtown Fort Worth, Main Street, and Greenwoods. Greenwoods Avenue is one of the city's main streets and is considered one of the most beautiful streets in the U.S. with its tree lined median, beautiful buildings, and historic sidewalks. There are several historical areas, which are considered important historical landmarks in Fort Worth.

The fourth largest city in Texas, Fort Worth is built around the beautiful Historic Downtown Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. It is one of the best places to visit if you are visiting northern Texas, especially if you love the rodeo. The district was created in cooperation with the City of Fort Worth, the Texas Railroad Commission, and the Texas State Teachers Association to protect the Historic Downtown Fort Worth Stockyards against demolition and prevent the deterioration of the district. There are numerous tourist attractions in the city including the Six Flags Magic Mountain and The Barnacle Historic State Park.

Fort W. also offers a great selection of fun things to do and places to see. There are various popular nightclubs, discos, bars, live music shows, comedy clubs, lounges, family fun parks, horseback trails, historical landmarks, shopping malls, theme parks, four wheel drive-ways, golf, tennis, and much more. There are several popular tourist attractions in Fort Worth. Some of the popular Fort Worth Texas tourist attractions include the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District, The Museum of Fine Arts, Downtown Fort Worth, South Fort Worth, The Great Northern Deer Farm, the Performing Arts Complex, and many more.

Fort Worth has many festivals during the year, which attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. Some of the important festivals celebrated in Fort Worth include cattle drives, flea markets, rodeos, rodeo events, music shows, fiestas, public gatherings, and more. The city also has various cultural events and exhibitions that showcase art, music, dance, theater, and other types of shows.

Fort Worth has plenty of hotels, inns, and cottages available for lodging. There are lots of resorts and hotels in Fort Worth to choose from as well. There is no doubt that visiting Fort Worth will be a wonderful and unforgettable experience. A person visiting Fort Worth can look forward to seeing many tourist attractions, exciting nightlife, shopping, dining, museums, and great family fun. All these are what make Fort Worth Texas one of the most popular destinations in the United States. With lots of exciting opportunities, a person staying in one of Fort Worth Texas hotels can definitely have an exciting and unforgettable vacation.

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